Freesat vs. SkyQ

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

It finally happened Freesat unlocked the power of the the SkyQ Lnb or rather the wideband

Lnb. So far only SkyQ was able to use this technology to record up to 6 programs at he

same time. If you know SkyHD or normal Freesat you know 1 recording while watching was

the norm. Now Freesat is producing its own satellite receiving boxes and uses the same

technology so you can record up 4 programs. Honourable mention Humax is no longer

producing satellite receivers. So which one works for you? Freesat can be a bit daunting as

the set up would set you back a good chunk of money as the single feed receiver is £125

and the dual feed receiver is up to £270. Combine that with a satellite installation or set up

and you are looking at around £400. However. don't forget this is a one of payment after that

you are free, no monthly payments. SkyQ on the other hand can be attractive as its all

under one roof: broadband, phone, TV and the satellite installation is taken care off as well.

However the monthly cost can get out of hand if you don't keep an eye on it which seem to

be the number one reason customers are leaving. They find themselves paying double what

they used to pay and start wondering if its really worth it. Also after a while all the sky extras

do get a bit boring. In my opinion the best combination is either freeview or freesat

combined with at least one streaming service such as Netflix, Prime, Now TV etc.

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